Policy Statement

Policy Statement

 A.     Privacy

e-Auw.com Management Ltd., trading as e-Auw.com Music & Publishing Co. (‘AMP’) fully supports the worldwide protection of privacy rights, both in general and on the Internet in particular. We value our customers and will respect their privacy, ensuring that their purchase on our Website will not result in their receiving annoying and intrusive communications either from us or from third-parties. Therefore, information submitted to AMP as part of a purchase order will not be released to third parties.


B.     Territory, Prices & Payment

i)       Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in HK$ and terms and conditions only apply to deliveries in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (‘HKSAR”).

      AMP is committed to provide books and records at publishers’ list prices, subject only to conversion to HK$. Prices may be rounded for convenience. The

      exchange rate used for the US$ is 8. The exchange rate used for the British Pound will be close to the prevailing exchange rates, but might be slightly higher to

      protect against short-term currency fluctuations. The same policy applies likewise to Australian books. Certain books may incur ‘special order’ or ‘heavy book’

      surcharges. These will be clearly marked.

ii)     For products other than books, we shall endeavor to offer prices that are the recommended retail price’ if one exists.

iii)   Payment in currencies other than HK$ will not generally be accepted. Buyers outside Hong Kong who wish to be billed in a currency other than HK$ should

      place the order and note the currency in which they wish to pay and if acceptable, we will issue the invoice. Currencies generally acceptable will be US$,

      Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. Exchange rates will be set at our discretion and a service fee may be added to cover exchange,

      postage and transaction costs

iv)    Customers may pay by credit card or bank draft (in HK$, unless otherwise agreed).

      Customer who wish to pay by Telegraphic Transfer (‘T/T’) should indicate on the order form (use ‘payment by cheque’) and we will issue an invoice. When

      paying by T/T, please ensure that we receive the full amount of the invoice (all bank charges should be on the sender’s account).


C.     Ordering

All orders are subject to acceptance. We will ensure that large orders and credit card orders are legitimate. The date of the order is the day that payment clears.


D.    Delivery

i)        The date of delivery is taken to be the day we deliver the books or CDs to the Post Office. We will endeavor to delivery your order as quickly as possible

        Deliveries can normally be excepted within 2-4 weeks, except in the event of extraordinary circumstances like a strike, a war, etc. If under normal

        circumstances items were not delivered within the 2-4 week period, customers could elect to cancel their order and be given a full refund.

ii)     AMP will deliver to most countries and territories, subject to acceptance and additional shipping charges. Customers are responsible for ensuring that there

        will be people at the delivery location to receive the package. They are also responsible for any tax and customs duties and regulations that may apply.


E.     Cancellation

Once the order has been entered and submitted to our suppliers, it cannot be cancelled. Customers who wish to cancel their orders should email us (at e.auw@e-auw.com.hk) as soon as possible. Orders will be considered as ‘returns’ once we have processed your order and there will be a handling fee of 25% of the order value, with a minimum of HK$10 per item.


F.     Returns

i)                 Books or CDs that arrive damaged can be replaced at no extra charge, if returned within fourteen (14) days of delivery, in the original packing along with

             the order/receipt.

ii)               Returns have to be initiated by sending us an email request and returned to us along with a copy of the order/receipt to the following address:

       e-Auw.com Management Ltd.

       trading as e-Auw.com Music & Publishing Co.

       P.O. Box 35636

       King’s Road Post Office

       North Point

       Hong Kong


G.    Liabilities

Our liabilities will be limited to the cost of the book or CD ordered.


H.    Cookies

The AMP site will work even if you disable cookies in your browser. Your ‘session’ (and your ‘shopping cart’ will expire when you leave the AMP site. If you wish the AMP site to remember your shopping cart, then you should enable cookies. The cookies placed by AMP is only used for ‘session control’, which allows the system to remember your shopping cart, should you complete your purchase. The cookies are not used for tracking purchases or collecting information.


I.       Transaction Security

Credit card information is handled under secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.